April Fools…..

So its April 1st, and the morning was spent sat waiting , hoping and looking for someone with a sense of tradition.
My attempt was as usual either targeted at the wrong audience or not slapstick enough and I was feeling as though the day was going to pass me by without coming across some form of tomfoolery.

There was talk in the office about an article in one of the broadsheets of some statistical work done, linking the success of top flight football teams and the quantity of facial hair sported by the manager, if they wore glasses on a 2nd Tuesday, or something like that.
I found myself resigned to accepting this as the days best (a poor state of affairs, I can tell you) when something caught my eye whilst checking my email (…if anyone from work is reading this, the checking of email was done on a break…….just to clear that up).

Those nice people over at Google were sporting the word “NEW” next to a logo…..

Now being naturally inquisitive, and still having some time left on my break (honest), felt that this was worthy of further investigation.

“GMail Motion” it said, all of a sudden my head was full of crazy ideas about linking Kinect or something similar to a browser. COOOOOOL was the second thing to hit, then…. a moment of clarity.

“Bugger, its a wind up!”

but a good one, I watched the instructional videos and took in the brilliance and the amount of work that had gone in to the whole thing. Even down to the crib sheets and motion short-cuts.

Prank of the day, surely goes to these guys and i take my hat* off to them

*If I wore one**
**Which I Don’t

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