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Classic Game Rolls Back The Years….

You have them moments off the back of a conversation where you try to remember something from many years ago.
In this instance it was the name of an arcade classic that I managed to spend (or waste, it depends on your point of view) many, many summer months of my early teenage years on.The guys at work didnt know , mainly due to the fact that they are all far too young to appreciate the golden age of arcade gaming, and the number of 10pence pieces you could go through in an afternoon.

A quick “Google” and there it was, “Tempest”, a huge slice of my youth in a search result.

Work place Web filtering brought this little slice of nostalgia to an abrupt end, but once the workplace was left behind the rose tinted search continued. Imagine the absolute delight to discover that the original version of the game was available to play within the Internet Browser of your choice….

The game itself was everything I remember from my “yoof” apart from a few subtle differences, however these are more to do with environment rather than gameplay.

The use of a mouse to control movement rather than the original console control took a little getting used to. An attempt was made to play using the keyboard shortcuts but this proved less than fruitful and player reaction time didnt seem as good.

Like “riding a bike” it didnt take long to get into the gameplay and many hours have been spent since then playing. Even after the humiliation of being beaten in one 2 player game by my youngest daughter in her 1st ever attempt.  🙁





For anyone wanting to have a bash themselves here is the link Click!

Thank you Atari!!!!  mwah!





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