Changes / Ramble

Counting down to the year of change.

Most people do it…

Resolutions that is. I am going to try to do they same but track myself against them here.
Am working on the list and will edit this and publish before the end of 2011.

2012 Hit List……….

  • Do Something Dangerous
  • Do something new (for me)
  • Raise some money for a Charity
  • Give Blood more than once
  • Sort out the job situation one way or the other
  • Turn a number 14 into a number 12
  • End the year in the Black.
  • Seize all the opportunities, no matter how small
  • Tell someone special that they are….regularly.
  • Smile a bit more (it will hurt)


Targetted events.

  • Hastings Half marathon
  • London to Hastings Bike Ride
  • St Leonards rotary club – “on yer bike”



Typical – the London to Hastings isnt being done this year…… 🙁

alternative event being sought



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