Changes / Ramble

At what point is enough finally enough?

Here is the trade off and the current problem…..


At what point does the 20 minute commute fail to compensate for being in a job that you hate?


Although I am advised by many to smile and nod and to simply go through the motions , collect the wage packet  and put up with it and am slowly reaching the point where the job and the way the place operates along with the lack of development opportunities and yet more broken promises is having an adverse affect on me. It has to be time to move on when the usual critical thoughts of senior management are becoming audible. I have the problem that was countered by working in the contract market and that is i have yet to work anywhere that has managed to maintain a fresh outlook / approach to the day to day stuff that goes on.

Maybe its just me and it is time to move on as I am finding that I am having a shorter and shorter fuse and patience is almost an extinct commodity.

Then you have the only thing that has kept me in this personal hell for so long.

I live in a backwater and to move jobs would no doubt mean more than doubling or more  any commute time.

This adds to the frustration which will no doubt lead to an outburst… maybe not on a “Going Postal” scale , but it is coming and there is little I can do to prevent it , simply delay.

The CV is getting a dusting down and the search has started in earnest…. Hopefully something better will appear on the horizon before the meltdown happens.



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