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2012 – Half year!

Its July, its Summer (well its supposed to be), the year is half over so its time to check on what the 1st half of the year has given me based on the goals i set out back at the arse end of December 2011.

In no particular order

I wanted to have donated blood more than once – on track -(1 donation done – 2nd booked with scope for a 3rd before the year is out)

I wanted to try something new – took the plunge and went scuba diving (in a pool) and loved it – the girls are now wanting for me to go again and take them. + booked into the Spartan Race UK season opener on July 22nd

I wanted to do something for charity – Castle Cycle Challenge completed in April – £100 raised for worthy local causes – also a sponsor form is going round work for a local charity that supports the families of children with Autism linked to the Spartan Race entry, it was suggested that seeing as i was doing the run anyway, there was nothing to lose in a form being passed round. we are now on target to hit £1000 with additional funding given by work itself…  so no pressure to finish then.

Then there was losing weight – turn a 14 into a 12 the numbers relating to stones Starting weight 14st 6 current weight 13 stone 4 so i am on track to hit that one, despite the odd blip…

I was also going to sort out my issues with work…. things there are improving….


to coin a phrase I am not where or what i was and am not yet where / who i want to be….  but i am getting there…





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