Old Fart or not there is something wrong with the game.

Talking to someone connected to a lot of clubs in Sussex at levels up from youth to County and all ports in between and something in the conversation struck a chord.
there appears to be a definite lack of a positive attitude across players of all ages.

There seems to be an attitude of “I’ll play when it suits me” avoiding away matches as they don’t want to travel , not wanting to train as they believe that they are better than they actually are and a belief that they don’t need to train.

This got us harking back to when we both played and we looked at the attitudes of players then and there is , we believe a difference.

it used to be a done thing that if a player didn’t train or missed a game for any reason other than being dead or dying, then they could expect that the following week they would get an earful from the manager , and it was taken , with a humble attitude. Managers and coaches when they spoke , were listened to , if someone disagreed then a quiet word was had afterwards at which point , 9 times out of 10 you would agree that the manager was right after-all (that’s if you wanted to carry on playing, and you did)

Now I may sound like an old fart, but there was a real desire to play the game not so long ago , players who weren’t picked (and yes it happened to me often enough) turned up on a match day anyhow a. on the off chance someone was actually dead or dying and b. to support their team , to back the mates and to hopefully enjoy the game.
then the next training session those not selected would be at training early the following week, working harder than ever to get back into the side.

Part of me wonders if the attitude adjustment of late is in some part a victim of what is happening in the professional game, with its glamour and its money and that’s what people see and aspire to, being famous isn’t a life goal , or it shouldn’t be

this is in no way a dig at anyone , just a general observation but there are small signs within the ranks of the team i am currently working with.

I will close with this though.
No one ever achieved anything in sport or in their private life without working at it. falling off the horse and having the courage to get back on , taking the setbacks be it injury or being dropped on the chin and busting a gut the following week. making the right noises on the pitch is a start but it is a long way from where the game needs to be and as players and managemenrs who are in essence the future of the club and county league as a whole should think on this and decide what they want to do about it.

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