It all started well…

I’m the first to admit that i am not the most positive or optimistic person on the planet, and there is a reason (probably several) why I tend to move between jobs every few years or so.

But i set out at the start of 2013 that i would try to buck the trend, an attempt you may say to see the glass half full rather than half empty.

It should also be noted that I only tend to write these long winded “Whinge Fests” when i am having a bad day…. And when I started on this the day was dark and depressing, however thanks to the power of coffe , the gloom has lifted and the week can finally get underway.


there is a lot to look forward too over the coming months.

  • Getting back on the bike and the castle cycle challenge for the 2nd year
  • The Spartan Sprint in August – training has started
  • trying to find my smile again – it is in there somewhere
  • Finally learning to surf…. hopefully
  • first visit to New York planned for later in the year

so, in short much to contemplate and plan for and with it that may mean less time to bitch about things.

Not that thing will stop trying to get on top of me , but lets see if the self imposed attitude can finally lift me out of the gloom.





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