A New Challenge – CFUK

Being the highly self motivated individual that I am.. Joke..

I have taken the advise of a friend (Mr Green – you know who you are) and signed up for a 4 week training course provided by Commando Fitness UK (CFUK),that will hopefully set me on my way towards being a fitter and healthier individual.

Starting on April 7th with an assessment and weigh in I am intending to track progress (please) via postings to track results and reaction to the regime, this may include a pain scale…

Circuit classes are scheduled for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for 4 weeks (starting on April 8th)

Fingers crossed , and if reviews are anything to go by and i put the work in, the reports will be favourable.

Being Easter weekend and with my first chocolate in a long time sat waiting for me it couldn’t be timed any better.

A leaner fitter me will get round the Spartan race in an improved time on last year.

Watch This Space



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