CFUK – Training Day 1

The weigh in came and went – and was roughly as I expected (a number too high).

So having now completed the first official days eating and training its time for an update.

Truth be told i am not as hungry as i thought I would be, am managing to drink plenty of fluids as well so am optimistic on that front. Although I do admit its a good job I have a liking for eggs in the morning, the thought of even opening a jar of peanut butter is enough to give me the shivers.

Trying to plan out meals is a help. As well as access to a staff discount card for my local supermarket. The hope is that over the next four weeks my attitude and mindset towards  food changes as well as my waistline and fitness levels. In the past i have been and will admit to being a bit of a “yo-yo” when it comes to weight and that is down to myself and my grazing habits and long term that’s what has to change.

And so to the training session.

A quick introduction from the chief instructor followed by a demonstration and do’s and don’ts of each circuit station and we were into the warm up, nice and light jogging to start with with good clear instruction from the centre, and after about 15 minutes we were ready for the main event.

Being a newbie (although i did know 1 of the regulars) getting into a group was easy , and that’s one thing that struck me from the off, there was a very strong feeling of camaraderie. People were all there together , looking for the same goals but the environment was warm and welcoming.

3 sets of circuits followed which proved to be hard work, as expected, and i will admit that i was close to throwing up at the end of the session, but overall it was a well run work out, the training partners were encouraging and Chris , the chief instructor kept everything running smoothly, finding time to offer encouragement , direction and instruction where needed (yes my form was all wrong to start with on the V-Sits, hopefully – next time they wont be).

As i write this I am looking forward to Wednesdays work-out, am fully indending to maintain, as a minimum, the effort – hopefully increase it and work towards the fitness level needed for the Spartan Race in August. And hopefully shed a few lbs along the way.


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