4 weeks till the new sport gets serious………

March 16th 2014 – visiting Maidstone for a pre season scrimmage against Maidstone Pumas.

At the time of writing this event is looming large and will go a long way towards determining if the transition from part time (and not very good)  “soccer” player and youth coach for 10+ years to Cornerback for a new American Football club looking to enter the national leagues (at regional level) is going to work.

Have learnt a lot over the past few months , mainly down to some excellent coaching, and it is nice to “feel” part of a team again rather than being the organiser for one and sitting on the outskirts.

A 46yr old rookie, you may laugh, but I am not the oldest player in the squad and training for Spartan Races in the past two years has helped.

It has been suggested that in time I transition over to coaching the colts setup , once its is up and running properly and put the BAFCA level 1 coach “badge” to use, but I stand by my belief that i cannot and will not coach in a sport that i havent competed in , at least once , and by compete i mean competetively , regardless of the result…

So I say bring it on, with minimal injuries please…. 🙂


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Ta muchly


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