England’s poor showing means I can now enjoy the tournament

First things first , there was no expectation that England would do anything at the 2014 world cup, but the poor showing and perceived lack of drive once the Italy game was over did leave a bit of a bad taste, and i feel for the guys who spent their hard earned money making the effort to go over and support the team.


That being said once our elimination was confirmed , before some countries had even started their 2nd group game I might add, there was a feeling that we could now just relax and enjoy the festival of football for what it is, any i have enjoyed watching some “so called by the British media” lesser nations play with pride , pace and passion. There is a feeling that in 4 years time although we may make the knock out rounds, assuming we qualify, there will be another “excuse” for failure, the one thing that doesn’t seem to change is the old boys running the game…..

Still there is always the next game to watch and enjoy as a Neutral…




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