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It Had to Happen….

Age! Its a an issue, whether you accept it or not. At the tender age of 47 I still joke about deciding what I want to do when I grow up.

I have always struggled accepting what is “right and Proper” for someone of my tender years and have recently earned the nickname “Midlife” from several people.

Spartan Races and American Football are two of the things that have helped fuel those nicknames/muffled laughs


Spartan HlogofinalNow I am not admitting that I am old, far from it, but just maybe I need to focus on things a little less violent to the body [coaching anyone (-; ]. There is a lot of life that is still to be experienced , seen and taken in and plenty of miles left in the tank.

Travel, see places I/We have wanted to visit, try to relax a bit more, appreciate and look after those close to me more than I have.  Its taken time but I have also accepted that the 9-5 Monday to Friday is just a means to an end. A Job. Not worth the stress and the hassle and the worry it used to burden me with. A tough day is just that, don’t take it home with you.

The Playing Career comes to an end this weekend, I will miss the on field buzz, but am so glad that it is something that was experienced and enjoyed (mostly).


Image Courtesy of Ree Dawes

So what to do? Where to go? How do I convince those people that are close to me and  to come with me? These are all perfectly relevant questions at the moment.


Where Next

I mustn’t , though, become an avid Gardener. That is a road that must be avoided, I mean I know I am starting to get on , but not THAT that much right! Nothing against gardens per se , just don’t want to live out my weekends in the same one.


That is after the next game* and the two (maybe 3) races** that are coming up in the next few weeks.


*The Next game is Portsmouth Dreadnaughts away on Sunday 02/08/2015  (result to be posted afterwards)

** the next race details are here

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