2016 – The Hit List

New year is a time for reflection and also one for making lists (apparently) I have also read somewhere  Here Actually that goals that are set and then written down become more achievable , as you are driven towards achieving them and cant have a silent excuse not to work for it.

So here we are, a list (although not definitively complete), as things can and will get added to it.

Draft list of things to do in 2016

  1. Try to smile (genuinely) every day. (this sounds simple enough but can set the mind set for much harder things)
  2. Celebrate successes when they happen.
  3. Hastings Half Marathon completion (pre cursor to something else)
  4. Stop moaning about the job and try to enjoy it (no moaning about it for several 4-6 months , just crack on with it) then if after that it isn’t working, don’t start moaning about it , just find something else.
  5. Train for and complete the Brighton Marathon (entered) and raise as much money as I can for Make a Wish.
  6. Work towards the American Adventure in September. This holiday is going to be one of the best experiences to date and sharing it with Suzy makes it better  (Just hope the MLB fixture doesn’t annoy her too much  and she doesn’t leave me on Alcatraz)
  7. Repeat Step 1





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