2016 is almost a week old……

Haven’t given up on the customary resolutions yet.
Although enthusiasm for the job is proving difficult I have managed to avoid navigating towards any job sites (though judging form a few conversations had round the office I am one of a few that hasn’t)

Smiling is proving to be easier than I thought and so far I have managed to avoid looking like someone who is ever so slightly deranged, I just wish I could say the same about the running and the dieting, but it is early days and its now a personal battle so I cant give up (especially as I have a point to prove)

The usual flood of life advice blogs and news articles are doing the rounds and the car park at the gym (lunchtimes) is unusually busy, no doubt it will calm down once January has come and gone.

With a new year comes new holiday entitlement from work and this time of year is usually when i start to think about “getting away” , and it was slightly disheartening to see over half of this years entitlement is already booked. Roll on September is all i can say. Its going to be a slog getting there, but will be so worth it am fully expecting it to meet all expectations and anticipate not wanting to come home….

Time to go and do some work…. (and try to be enthusiastic about it…. with a smile) at best the day passes quicker , at worst it makes my bosses suspicious.



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