Playing the game….. or not

It took a conversation with my eldest daughter to resurrect an old question that I mull over from time to time.

Why is it that there are people in my workplace, and probably in thousands of others that seem to succeed and progress in companies yet appear to be completely useless at the job they are paid to do?

At what point does playing the game and being a company person seem to be more important than doing a good job or finishing a task and seeing it through? Am I “old fashioned”? And is this why the job market seems alien in the approach taken and questions asked when you try to enter it.

Case in point, I recently applied for a new position , attended interview etc and felt it went really well. the company was researched and questions were prepared , questions targeted at me were answered “honestly” and the feedback received afterwards was that there was no doubt I could have done the job, however “you didn’t seem to be as enthusiastic about the company as they would have liked”. Culture over ability/experience seems to be why it never progressed.

Fortunately, for me i have experience to fall back on , not so for the younger generation, i say this with my daughters in mind and worry at times that they will struggle in some environments , where the “happy clappy / company motto ” ability is valued more than a good work ethic and wanting to do what you do well.

Its a debate i will continue to have with myself no doubt


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