Why the Marathon this year

This year I have ever so foolishly (according to some) entered the 2016 Brighton Marathon and will be running the Hastings Half Marathon as a training run. Once I got over the shock there was a decision over a cause to support.

It was then that I saw a photo posted by “Make a Wish” on Twitter of a little blonde girl no older than 6 or 7 waist deep in water and kissing a dolphin, reading the words that went with it hit home as the girl in question had a life threatening illness and her “wish” was to swim with dolphins and through “Make a Wish” it was granted, giving her and her family memories to treasure. I have 3 similar photos and the memories to go with them of my own daughters and that’s when it struck home how lucky I am, the best experiences we have had the precious memories we share.. all magical.
But what if we were denied them, what if good health wasn’t something taken for granted and what if a childhood wish couldn’t be realised.

I don’t think that’s something I could cope with , but plenty of families do.

So that one simple photo made the decision for me , The Marathon will be hard work, I will suffer, but if through that I can help towards making One child’s wish come true then every blister and cramp will be worth it.

So here’s where I need help. In the form of pledges, every penny will help and I am grateful for every single one of them.

If you want to support the fundraising then there is a nice link below. That and the added bonus of knowing that you will make a difference and I will suffer in the process..

As an additional bit of background info the last time I completed a Marathon was waaaay back in 1984… and no it wasn’t in black and white and no shoulderpads or parachute pants were involved…..at least not during the run..




Donate Here  Just Giving Page


Or Read up and Donate here  Make a Wish Website

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