Twisted? Moi

A profile, I am told, is what is required on a page such as this….

My favourite “profile” picture of late is shown (credit to Meredith Pritchard)1044962_10152710584029623_2704264763771497128_n

Don’t let the vacant expression or the “hint” of grey deter you .

My name is Clive and am the proud father of 3 grown up daughters (that explains the grey).

Work see’s me sat in front of several large computer screens for 8 hours a day trying to run a small , but very talented, software development team, and like the rest of the working population am obviously underpaid and overworked, or is it the other way round???

Away from work I am heavily involved with Hastings Conquerors American Football Club up until last year as a player and committee member as well as general merchandise manager, Website manager etc, but having reached the ripe old age of 47 the playing days are over (sob) and the coaching hat is being dusted down


Why “A Twisted Mind“?

Well aren’t we all a little twisted in our own harmless little way. A victim of my own imagination at the best of times and sometimes a dreamer and an optimist. I never really decided what I wanted to be when I grew up, so didn’t. That explains the refusal year on year to drop the involvement in football, the gigs (someone has to travel with the girls after all!!!) and the occasional wishing that I didn’t sell the drum kit many years ago.

Oh! and one day I would dearly love to write a book/novel.

So that’s me. As the site grows this bio may change but the core will stay the same.



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